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When Quiksilver made the decision to develop an innovative vest, Aqua Lung was the
natural partner, being the undisputed global leader in professional and recreational
scuba diving equipment. The Quiksilver x Aqua Lung Highline Airlift is the culmination
of two year’s development and testing by some of the best big wave riders in the world,
and represents the cutting edge of big wave surfing safety technology.

Worn over the top of any type of wetsuit or as a standalone vest, it is a reinforced
neoprene inflatable vest designed to rapidly bring the wearer to the surface in a heavy
hold-down situation. Inflate pull tabs inflate the vest in an emergency, helping surfers reach
the surface faster and with less physical exertion than without a vest. Inflate pull tabs are
located in a separate location from the deflate pull tab to reduce risk of accidental inflation
or deflation.

Developed in response to the growing demands of surfers seeking to increase
personal safety in big wave, high-risk surfing environments. The Highline Airlift
brings unique features to stand as a safe, reliable technical surf vest for modern-
day big wave athletes.

HIC is proud to be one of few chosen Hawaii dealers for the Quiksilver X Aqua Lung Highline Airlift, and has a full size range of vests available to try on and test our Haleiwa Location:

HIC Haleiwa:

Location: 66-224 Kamehameha Hwy. Haleiwa, HI 96712

Phone: 808-637-0991


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