With over 30 years of experience, Hawaiian Island Creations has been shaping & selling surfboards since 1971. HIC is known for our quality surfboards & our local shapers, which are some of the most experienced craftsman in the industry.

Our HIC shapers, Eric Arakawa & Steve Morgan are constantly striving to bring the latest designs and technologies to market so that our customers have boards that will put them at the top of their surfing ability.

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About Our Shapers

Eric Arakawa was born and raised in Hawaii, He was taught to surf by his father at the age of 10 in Waikiki on a 7’0 round-tailed Barry Kanaiaupuni mini-gun. At the age of 14, he’d shaped his first board, a 5’8 round pin out of his family’s Pearl City home. Today with 40 years of experience and having shaped boards for over ten World Champions, Eric Arakawa is a designer dedicated to the innovation and advancement of performance surfboards. As a lifelong surfer, it is his hope to spread the stoke that surfing has brought him by producing boards that get you excited to surf, whether it is a shortboard, mini-simmons, or longboard. Used regularly by both local and touring pros, his boards have been ridden to victory in countless Triple Crowns as well as WCT and WQS events worldwide, including Longboard and Big Wave World Tours. He has also been honored by the surfing media for his achievements, including Surfing Magazine’s Shaper of the Year in 2003.
By 1977 he was shaping for Hawaiian Island Creations, and in the 80’s he started his own surfboard company, Island Classics. The company grew and became host to a world champion surf team, but Eric realized his role in Island Classics required him to head in a direction away from his roots: surfboard design and shaping.

In 1995 he agreed to shape for HIC, who in return purchased Island Classics and its licensees, thus freeing Eric to concentrate not only on shaping and surfing, but also to spend more quality time with his young family. Today Eric resides on the North Shore of Oahu with his wife Sue. Nearly all his children have now grown up, and he is still as passionate as ever about creating the perfect board.

As one of California's youngest professional shapers in the 70's, with the encouragement of mentor and friend Bill Caster, in 1977 Steve opened his first surf shop "Green Lantern Surfboards'". As his company grew, Morgan included several upcoming shapers into the line up including Rusty Preisendorfer and Gary Linden, both who's recognition would gain international acclaim a few years later. Leaving his retail venture behind, in 1980, with the consent and support of Dick Brewer, a business partnership was formed between Gary Linden and Steve Morgan in which the two took ownership of the Dick Brewer Surfboard Label. Upon Linden's departure in 1984, Steve Morgan and Dick Brewer continued to work together as sole partners, both eventually relocating to Kauai.

Although the move to Kauai was intended to be permanent for Morgan, the island of Molokai is where the Morgan's would raise their family and make their long time home. The isolated reefs of Molokai also provided Morgan the opportunity to to develop his experimental board designs including the patented model known as the "Converter". In 2002 Morgan re-emerged back into the mainstream and began shaping for HIC. Six years later (2008) Morgan was honored as a participant of the Billabong "Art of Shaping Exhibition" recognizing iconic shapers from Hawaii including Dick Brewer, Gerry Lopez and Harold Iggy as well as fellow HIC Shaper Eric Arakawa. As Surfboards have continued to evolve, it is Morgan's diversity and uncanny ability to merge vintage and modern concepts that have made him one of the most sought after shapers in Hawaii. As surfing journalist Tomita Takeshi quoted "Morgan is the real deal.....The alternative boards that Morgan creates are the ultimate Surfboards for this generation". As a genuine craftsman, Morgan gives preference to the time honored tradition of handshaping.