Kainehe Hunt

Kaua'i, Hawaii

D.O.B: December 28th 2001

Homebreak: PK’s (Poipu, Kaua'i)

Favorite Surf Spots: Pipeline, Off the Wall, Teahupo’o, Pine Trees, & some other places I can’t print.

 Shaper/Models: Kerry TOKORO. I ride The MOJO and The Groveler for my shortboards. For my step-ups I ride The HI-PER. Any boards over 6’8 would usually be an M7 model. I really trust in my equipment, the boards are very fast and responsive just the way I like them. There is nothing that makes one board better from the other, they are all used for different types of waves. I can always count on Kerry to make me the board I want and they always come out awesome.

Board Specs: HI-PER Model: Height: 6’3” Width: 19” Thickness: 2.38“ Volume : 28.9

Sponsors: My sponsors are Volcom, HIC, Matunas, and Moskova.

I love surfing because: I love surfing because it makes me more productive and makes me want to do better in life. Whether it’s with my personal life or my public life, when I surf it just makes me happy in every way and makes me want to get out there and try new things and be who I want to be. That’s why I love it.

Something you may not know about me: Well, everyone knows me for my height but I’m 16 and already done with high school.